Public Transport

Tiruchirapalli, the fourth largest city in the state of Tamil Nadu, recently began working with ITDP to improve transport infrastructure within the city. With ITDP’s support, the city is conceptualising the development of a bus rapid transit (BRT) corridor as well as a cycle sharing system. The proposed BRT system will run along a corridor spanning 24 km and will connect major destinations including the central railway station, Srirangam temple, and Rockfort temple, as well as major schools, colleges, and hospitals. . The cycle sharing system proposed will cover 25 sq km with 66 stations. The proposed systems will be well integrated and aim to augment the existing public transport infrastructure within the city.


BRT site visit with local government agencies and other stakeholders.

Non-motorised transport

The city is keen to improve non-motorised transport infrastructure in the city centre beginning with the pedestrianisation of N.C.S Bose Rd and adjoining streets near the Rockfort temple. In addition, the municipal corporation has identified 81 locations for formal street vending areas, which will be integrated with expanded pedestrian facilities. The corporation also plans to begin implementing cycle tracks in the coming year.

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