Congestion Pricing Basics: An Illustrated Toolkit

congestion pricing to help decongest traffic in india

How to solve the problem of traffic in our cities? The UrbanWorks Institute (UWI) created the Congestion Pricing Basics that practitioners can use to understand better and explain the subject.

In our cities, the familiar problem of traffic congestion has become a major source of frustration. The constant growth in travel demands and limited road space call for fresh, inventive approaches. Enter congestion pricing – an exciting urban planning solution that has gained significant attention. In this blog post, we will delve into the intriguing world of congestion pricing and explore how it holds the potential to revolutionize our cities.

What is Congestion Pricing?

Congestion pricing is a game-changing approach that tackles traffic congestion head-on. It aims to deter vehicles from congested roads by charging a fee for road use, thereby easing traffic flow. It’s not about recovering infrastructure costs; rather, it optimizes the use of existing road networks.

An Illustrated Toolkit to Understand Congestion Pricing

As a compendium to a study on Mumbai, the team has also prepared a simple and accessible toolkit: The Congestion Pricing Basics. Other Indian cities interested in congestion pricing can use this study and the toolkit as guidance to develop their plans.

  • Current scenario of traffic in cities. On roads and flyovers
  • Current issues of congestion due to increase in number of cars on the road
  • Ways in which congestion pricing will be implemented and will help with less traffic on roads.
  • But is Congestion pricing enough to reduce traffic? Download the toolkit made by urbanworks to learn more.

If you like this toolkit, you can also look at the Congestion Pricing report we’ve prepared based on a study we conducted for Greater Mumbai. The report explains how Congestion Pricing is more than just fees; it reshapes urban navigation. By encouraging smart transportation choices, we can reduce congestion, improve air quality, and enhance quality of life. Let’s work together to make cities less chaotic. You can view and download it here.

They say Congestion Pricing is a tough nut to crack. The alternative is endless traffic jams, wasted hours and wasted lives. What will you choose? Write to us about what you think at You can learn more about us and the causes we support by following us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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