Complete Streets

Transforming streets into thriving public spaces for people of all ages, income, gender, and abilities.

Streets and roadways are more than just the asphalt that makes them. Streets are the stage where the spectacle of city life unfolds. They are hard-working spaces– balancing a multitude of uses, lives, and histories.
More than just pathways for motorised transport, streets can be catalysts for improved spatial equity, accessibility, economic activity and sustainable living.

With our work, we seek to renegotiate our interactions with public spaces to such an extent that our association with streets is no longer shaped by cars and traffic, but by life and diversity in the city. At Urban Works, we recognize that embracing streets as cultural and social assets is central to our longevity and accessibility goals.

Urban Works assists cities in the creation of inclusive, attractive, and safe streets. We guide the revamp of urban streets with high-quality footpaths, segregated cycle lanes, safe pedestrian crossings, and regulated on-street parking.

Our Projects