Curbing Congestion

Shifting focus to cleaner and smart mobility as an alternative to driving, by managing and charging on-street parking and high-demand streets.

The nature of urban transport in India is such that roadways are multipurpose public goods– used by various classes of motorised and non-motorised vehicles, as well as a wide variety of other users including street vendors, children playing, and animals.

Decades of car-centric urban planning has left our cities polluted, congested and in desperate need of fixing. Although it is well acknowledged that congestion and air pollution are significant barriers to economic development, public health and quality of life, little is done to address it. Policies to manage these externalities are met with far too much resistance because of the financial and political implications. Our cities are still focusing on investments towards road expansions and overpass construction projects rather than curbing car dependence and improving public transport services.

Urban Works prepares Indian cities to counter the surge of vehicles by means of policy and regulations to help cities manage congestion, generate revenue streams, and improve public transport, cycling, and walking environments.

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