Public Transport

Helping cities build modern public transport systems to provide high-quality and efficient mobility options for citizens.

A robust public transport system is one of the most important infrastructure systems in cities. Efficient public transit means faster commutes, improved convenience, higher productivity and lower emissions. Simply put, public transport builds better lives.

One would think that bus systems, which account for over a quarter of all daily journeys in Indian cities, must be entitled to a sizable portion of the transportation budgets. But the truth is far from it. Bus infrastructure, in particular, has been neglected due to a number of external factors, mainly policy and budgetary allocations towards private vehicular needs and metro rail. We are falling short on service quality and bus fleets are reducing significantly, most of which require urgent upgrades.

Because of this, the rapid improvements in our transit infrastructure still fail to meet the growing urban demand. Access to places, activities and services is becoming less straight-forward in terms of convenience, cost, and time. To this measure,

Urban Works provides technical support to cities in implementing transit-oriented development projects, bus fleet augmentation, and bus rapid transit systems.

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