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The Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) is a global non-profit organisation that works with cities worldwide  to design and implement high quality transport systems and policy solutions. Through our work, we strive to reduce pollution, alleviate poverty, and enhance the quality of urban life for the people.

In India, the Urban Works Institute—a public charitable trust registered in the country—is ITDP’s network partner that manages the ITDP India Programme.

In 1998, a cycle-rickshaw journey in the bylanes of Agra set the stage for the ITDP India Programme to improve sustainable urban mobility in India. Twenty years later, the trail has spread across the country. The India Programme offers tangible transportation solutions to cities across India, impacting the lives of over 150 million citizens.

At present, it has a strong team of young, passionate individuals, all of whom are committed to make sustainable mobility an everyday Indian reality.

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