About Us

About Us

UrbanWorks is a non-profit institute that collaborates with various stakeholders—such as government agencies, civil society organisations, academic institutions, the private sector and citizens—to make our cities work for everyone through cutting-edge research, compelling communication, and training that sticks.

We make cities work for everyone

 Our surveys show that over 90% of urban Indians would love to walk and cycle if only streets were safe and inviting. We help cities to become walking and cycling havens. 

Our research tells us that nine out of ten urban Indians would choose public transport if it was available, reliable and comfortable. We assist cities to create world-class public transport and shared mobility that is within the reach of everyone.

We help cities become people-oriented, where no one gets left behind.

Come, join us in this mission!

Our Mission

The Urban Works Institute is a think-n-do tank that works as an independent knowledge and implementation partner based in India that assists cities in developing green and inclusive mobility solutions as well as creating safe and engaging public spaces to enrich the lives of all.

What notably differentiates us from other think tanks, is the ‘do’ part. We don’t stop at offering evidence-based research but also offer implementation of solutions. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to create people-friendly and future-ready cities that work for all.

At UrbanWorks, urban well-being is at the core of our work. Our vision is to aid transformation of urban spaces into liveable, vibrant, and sustainable cities driven through better streets, sustainable public transport

We believe that through our research, events, and strategic partnerships we can help secure and develop regional and national interest in stronger policies for more and better transportation options for all people.

Our Work

Through our work, we bring together various public transport stakeholders and all sustainable transport modes to forge partnerships that matter, and to implement solutions that work on all levels.

We participate in technical consultations with state and national stakeholders and initiate the development of new tools and legislations for sustainable urban spaces.

Applied research on urban mobility planning to inform its practice
Communication that encourages environmentally conscious choices and behaviour among citizens
Capacity-building (staff training) of public servants and city/ state agencies to create inclusive, resilient, and sustainable cities

Our Team

Shreya Gadepalli
Founder and Managing Trustee
Aarti Nair
Senior Communications Officer
Ashok Kumar N
Admin Coordinator
Kashic Umasankar
Senior Research Associate

Are you passionate about making cities better for all? Work with us!

Shreya Gadepalli
Founder and Managing Trustee, UrbanWorks

A catalyst to transform the lives of all through better streets, better transit, and better cities.

Shreya  founded the UrbanWorks Institute in 2012 and serves as a Managing Trustee and Director (I want to say here that she is still part of the work and not just a trustee). She also serves on the board of Chennai Smart City Limited (CSCL) as an Independent Director. In 1998, Shreya launched the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy’s (ITDP) India Program. Through her work, she has helped dozens of cities plan, build, and execute high-quality public transportation networks and complete street projects. Shreya also played a crucial role in the implementation of bus rapid transit (BRT) systems in a number of Indian cities, including Ahmedabad’s Janmarg, which was India’s first high-quality BRT system. Her other areas of expertise include planning and design of non-motorized transport facilities, parking management, and transit-oriented development.

A strong but gentle person, Shreya is often found playing musical instruments in meetings, making book recommendations in conversations and clicking photographs during her travels.

Aarti Nair
Senior Communications Officer, UrbanWorks

Aarti Nair is an entrepreneur and a communications professional with 9+ years of experience in social impact projects. She is also an initiator of civil society initiatives. A writer-at-large, Aarti enjoys storytelling that can create impactful narratives to drive social change. In 2019, she got an MA in Global Communication & Development from Loughborough University, London. The city of London got her to believe in the power of sustainable public transport.

At UrbanWorks, she works as the Senior Communications Officer, leading communications strategy, project management, and campaign coordination. She’s a natural at finding trivia, reading books, and dancing to the tunes of Zumba.

Ashok Kumar N
Admin Coordinator, UrbanWorks

Ashok Kumar Nagabhoshanam is an Admin Professional with 12+ years of experience in various sectors like Retail, Hospitality, Telecommunication, Healthcare, Corporates. He is a highly organized individual with communication, interpersonal, negotiation skills, and has 8 years’ experience working as an Admin Manager. He enjoys working independently as well as in a team.

In 2009, he got a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from University of Madras. His interest to become an admin professional came from his college days where he would organize events. He likes to learn new and challenging things in his career. He has a nickname as A2 (ASHOK ADMIN/ ADMIN ASHOK).

At UWI, he works as Admin Coordinator, leading Administration, Accounts, Human Resource and Operations.

Kashic Umasankar
Senior Research Associate, UrbanWorks

Kashic Umasankar is an urban practitioner from Chennai focusing on sustainable mobility. He holds a master’s degree specialising in transport infrastructure from CEPT University. He has practised transport planning for four years on projects in the United Kingdom. Recently, Kashic completed the Urban Fellows Programme at the Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS). Driven by a passion for creating inclusive, liveable, and sustainable cities, he aims to promote active travel, public transport, and the development of vibrant public spaces.
As a Senior Research Associate at UrbanWorks, Kashic conducts applied research on sustainable mobility practices and communicates them. In his free time, Kashic loves travelling, exploring cities and their transport systems. He also enjoys photography, capturing everyday life.