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Parking Game

The Origin

Built upon the groundwork of Urban Transport Researcher and Policy Adviser Paul Barter, the ‘Parking Game’ is a hands-on simulation designed to optimise parking dynamics within urban landscapes. It enables participants to use simulations that mirror real-world parking challenges and solutions. Although it can be played online over Zoom calls using a presentation, it is best played in a physical setting/in-person.

Navigating Urban Challenges

As a comprehensive training and planning tool, the “Parking Game” enables participants to engage in simulations mirroring real-world parking challenges and solutions. This may motivate them to make decisions that directly impact parking management efficiency.

What Does the Download Pack Include?

  1. Gameplay Guide: A detailed document providing insights, strategies, and best practices for an optimal gaming experience.
  2. Printable Game Board: Download and print the carefully designed game board on an A2 size paper for an immersive urban parking simulation.
  3. Car Pieces Template: Cut and use downloadable car pieces for the game’s tactile and visual elements.
  4. Game Progress Flashcards: Printable flashcards for the conductor of the game, ensuring smooth facilitation and game progression.
  5. Excel Sheet with Entry and Exit Times: Realism meets data-driven decision-making with an Excel sheet capturing car entry and exit times.
  6. Attribution Guidelines: Clear guidelines on proper attribution practices to acknowledge the game’s originators when sharing or adapting.

Parking Game Package

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    Licensing and Attribution

    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License:

    CC BY-SA 4.0 DEED: Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International.

    The CC BY-SA also covers the game board design and other printable game pieces. 

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    Some Rights Reserved.

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