Cycle Sharing

ITDP has been working closely with the Government of Puducherry to implement a cycle sharing system for the city. Puducherry, an Indian union territory spread over 56 sq km, was the largest French colony in India. Public transport service in the city is concentrated along national and state highways with limited services provided within the city core, including the historic French and Tamil quarters. However, the streets within the city centre provide a comfortable urban realm for walking and cycling. Building on this culture, the government of Puducherry has proposed a cycle sharing system spreading initially over 15.8 sq km, with approximately 104 stations and 1,000 cycles. ITDP assisted the city in planning station sizes and locations, developing a financial model for the system, and determining an appropriate institutional structure for the system. The Government of Puducherry is presently seeking Central funding to implement the project.


Limited bus services within the city centre, push for the need for introduction of other modes of public transport.

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